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The "LL2" Litter

Sire: GRCHG CH Ogee Saltus
             Ze Zahrabske
Dam: CH Geistvoll Irresistible Ivy

Whelped: December 17, 2015

1 male and 4 females


Day 1

Look at those tails!

Day 6

Mom is taking good care of us. We have big fat round tummies.


One Week 3 days

Mom sits and nurses the  babies now as they are getting bigger


3 Weeks
Sooooo Sleepy

One Week 3 days

We can sleep in any position

3 Weeks
Sweet Face

3 Weeks
Nap Time

4 Weeks
What are you looking at???

4 Weeks
The Girls

4 Weeks
The Boy

4 Weeks
Just Relaxing

5 Weeks


5 Weeks
Sound Asleep after playing with visitors

6 Weeks
Our first adventure outdoors....what is this cold white stuff???

6 weeks
A quick snack and then we are off to play again

The "LL" Litter
Sire: GRCHG CH Ogee Saltus
             Ze Zahrabske
Dam: CH Geistvoll Irresistible Ivy

Whelped:  January 19, 2015


One Hour Old

3 Days Old

My Mom takes such good care of me. 
When I'm nursing my little tail goes straight out and I wag my tail.

1 Week


1 Week

2 Weeks

Life is good.  My tummy is full and I'm going to take a nap.

2 Weeks

Sleepy baby

3 Weeks

I'm watching you...........

3 Weeks

I get my tummy full and then
it's nap time.

4 Weeks 4 days

We are laying with our toys and acting so sweet.
We love our new bed.

We have turned 4 Weeks old now and have had an exciting week. We starting crawling out of the whelping box so we had to remove the box and now we have a new bed in the bottom half of a vari-kennel.  We also starting eating gruel as we are now getting teeth.  Some new toys have been introduced and I love them all.

4 Weeks 5 days


4 Weeks 5 days

This is a fun moves when I touch it !!!

6 Weeks

Big Green Moose makes a good pillow

6 Weeks

Are you watching me???

6 Weeks 5 days

Sitting Pretty

8 Weeks

What a sweet face

13 Weeks

13 Weeks


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