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Sire: CH Geistvoll Yardan V Diamant

Dam:  CH Geistvoll Cookies 'N Cream

3 hours old

Day 6

We spend our days eating and sleeping.  CeCe takes excellent care of her babies.

One Week 5 days old
Dinner Time
We are growing fast

One Week 6 days
Sleeping Babies

Our eyes are beginning to open and we will soon start exploring our World

The Girls

The Boys

2 Weeks 6 Days

Wow, what a change. We have eyes open and we are making lots of noises. Of course, we eat like crazy and the weights are going up. Some of us are even walking around the whelping box, but not for long.....we soon CRASH!

Sometimes we sleep on our backs, but the minute momma, CeCe gets in the box we are wide awake and ready for dinner. We are beginning to play with each other and paw at each other.  If we play too hard we fall over.   We are learning very quickly though.

2weeks 6 days

The gang at four weeks

We love it when our human MOM comes and sits on the floor with us.  We crawl all over her and sometimes we chew on her toes.  

4 weeks old

Miss Pink is trying to figure out what that strange thing is.  She nugges it with her nose and it rolls away.  It has funny bumps on it too.

Mr Blue, 4 weeks 6 days

  My sister told me about this strange object.  I think I'm going to watch it and see what it does.

Miss Pink 4 wks, 5 days

 When my human Mommy had visitors over to see us she was standing and talking with them and I fell asleep on her feet

Miss white, 4 wks 5 days

             I don't know what this strange object is but I'm going to 
see if I can pick it up.  

Mr. Green, 4wks 6 days

This toy looks like fun.  It is all soft and fuzzy

Mr. Orange, 4wks 6 days

This fuzzy frog makes a good pillow for my afternoon nap

Miss Purple, 4 wks. 6 days

Oh Oh, I think I got caught.  I didn't mean to tear up the newspaper but it made a really funny noise and I couldn't resist.

4 wks, 6 days


7 weeeks

We have grown alot.  Now it is time to go outdoors with Mom.  It has snowed and we are learning about the cold snow.

7 weeks

It is a much warmer day today and we are outdoors playing with mom.  We love the warm sun and have been racing around the yard and exercising our little legs.

Mr. Blue 7 weeks

Mr. Green 7 weeks

Mr. Orange 7 weeks

Miss Purple 7 weeks

Miss White 7 weeks

Miss Pink 7 weeks

I've been playing non stop and I am so tired that I'm going to just lay here and take a little nap.  I'll soon be up and ready to go again.

Sire and Dam

CH Geistvoll Yardan V Diamant

Specialty Winner and Multiple Group placer
Standard Schnauzer Club of America  - Leading Producer
2005 Standard Schnauzer Club of America - Stud Dog of the Year
Sire of 13 AKC Champions

CH Geistvoll Cookies 'N Cream

Regional and National Specialty Winner
Group Placer
Dam of 2 Champions, one more close to finishing

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