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Photos from the "DD" litter
whelped December 3, 2003

Sire: CH Geistvoll Yardan V Diamant
Dam:  Argenta's Olga O' Sofin


Sophie is certainly a proud mom. Her three girls and four boys arrived wednesday evening, December 3rd, 2003. The puppy sizes and weights were very good with the largest boy weighing 15 1/2 ounces and the smallest girl 10 1/2 ounces. No problems feeding, that is for sure. All pups started nursing right away and even gained weight the first day. On day three the puppies had their tails and dew claws removed. All came through in fine shape. Sophie is doing great, and is taking to motherhood naturally of course. Why is it that Standard Schnauzers always have the best natural instincts?

Boys: Red, Blue, Purple, and Yellow
11 Days old

Day 6

No visitors yet, of course, but the day will come soon when prospective owners will come and see the puppies.

Monday and Tuesday the pups have gained considerably, as much as two ounces a day. Sophie is a real "milk factory".

Day 11 News. The family is beginning to bark. So far; however, the vocabulary is limited to "More Food!, More Food!"

Although not standing yet, the puppies strength is really beginning to show as they scoot around the whelping box.

Girls: Green, Pink, and Orange
11 Days

11 days

3 weeks

Green girl weighs 2 lbs 5 oz.
Week of December 15 - 20

What an exciting week. First, on Tuesday the 16th of December, Blue opens his eyes, soon followed by the rest of the herd. All of the puppies have learned to sit up and walk too.

By Thursday, the pups ears opened and they started responding to mom Renee's talking.

The next few weeks should be very interesting.

A few small barks have been heard, and when Jim was holding Blue, the puppy yipped and barked for him.

3 weeks

3 weeks

The Girls
4 weeks old

The Boys
4 weeks old

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