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Sire: INT/AM CH Geistvoll Beat The Odds
Hips:  SC-2992G24M-PI
Eyes:  SC-483

Dam: GCH CH Geistvoll Elegant Ella
Hips: SC-3733G24F-VPI
Eyes: SC-876

 Whelped October 28, 2012
3 Males, 3 Females

Day 1


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Life is Good
Day 2

I have big paws to fill
Day 2

Miss Pink
Day 4


Miss Orange
Day 4 

Miss Green
Day 4

Mr. Yellow
Day 4

Mr. Blue
Day 4 

Mr. Red
Day 4

Day 5

We are really growing.  Our Mommy is 
taking such good care of us.

She licks and cuddles us while
we are eating. 

Mom will get out of the box to stretch her 
legs but if one of us squeaks she
is immediately there to check
on us.

We are getting bigger so Mom is feeding us sitting 
up now

2 Weeks Old

Full Tummy
2 Weeks Old

Sleeping again
2 Weeks Old

We are 2 weeks old now and growing up fast.  In the last couple
of days our eyes have begun to open.

Now that our eyes are open, we are starting to 
walk and occasionally you can hear a little

We still spend our days eating and sleeping.

Our first gruel.  It sure is GOOD.
3 Weeks Old

Where's Mom??? Where's dinner?
3 Weeks Old


3  Weeks Old

Midnight Snack

4 Weeks Old

Now that we have figured out how to escape from the whelping 
box we can have a snack whenever we want.  We were the 
first two to escape and the other 4 babies soon followed.

4 Weeks Old

Since our human mom can't keep us in the whelping box any more she has just removed it. We now have a bed that we can come and go much easier.  We love running, hopping, and playing now, but we get tired and have to take a nap.

4 weeks Old

Mom is sitting on the floor with us and we love 
crawling all over her legs.

4 weeks Old

Puppy Play

4 weeks Old

Chewing on Mom's shoe strings

4 Weeks

Dad Bennie checks out the puppies

4 Weeks

Playing in bed

4 Weeks

This is a noisy toy!!!!!!!

4 Weeks

If I had teeth I would chew on this toy

4 Weeks


4 Weeks

What is this????

5 Weeks

Play time

5 Weeks

More play

5 Weeks

I'll help you pick it up!!

5 Weels

What are you looking at??

5 Weeks

Sleepy baby

5 Weeks

Oh, NO,  now what do I do?

6 Weeks

It won't hold still

6 Weeks

What is this thing??

6 Weeks

I'll chew his ear

6 Weeks

I'll chew his tail

6 Weeks

The BIG stare down

6 Weeks

Two against One

6 Weeks

I'm watching YOU!!

7 weeks   Mr. Red

7 weeks Mr. Blue

7 weeks Mr. Yellow

7 weeks Miss Orange

7 weeks Miss Green

7 weeks Miss Pink

Sire and Dam

Sire: INT/AM CH Geistvoll Beat The Odds

Hips:  SC-2992G24M-PI
Eyes:  SC-483

Hall of Fame Producer
Best in Show Winner
Multiple National Specialty Winner
Sire of Specialty Winners & Group Placers

Dam: GCH CH Geistvoll Elegant Ella

Hips: SC-3733G24F-VPI
Eyes: SC-876

National & Regional Specialty Winner

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