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How do Geistvoll dogs get their names?
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2019 SSCA National Specialty

2016 SSCA National Specialty

2014 SSCA National Specialty


2013 SSCA National Specialty

2012 Prarieland Standard Schnauzer Club Specialty Results 

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2011 SSCA National Specialty

2010 SSCA National Specialty

2005 S.S.C.A. National Specialty 
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2004 National Specialty  and stories.
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Our Gallery pages include photos and historical information about Geistvoll litters..
  You can view every Geistvoll litter from 1978 (litter "A") to 2019 (litter "PP").
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How do Geistvoll dogs get their names?

Starting with our very first litter in 1978, we have used an alphabetical and thematic system to name litters. The first litter was "A", the second "B", and so on. When we reached the end of the alphabet in 1999, we started over with "AA". Geistvoll Adalbert Aufgehts is an example of an "AA" dog. Double letter names are difficult so some dogs will have a single A or B name even though they come from a double letter litter.

In addition, many names are based on a special theme. Bonanza from the "B" litter and Citabria from the "C" litter were named after aircraft. Jim was regularly flying at that time. 

In the "F" litter we have
CH Geistvoll Fafner and CH Geistvoll Fricka. Where would you guess these names come from?

If you guessed Wagnerian Opera, you would be correct. Fafner and Fricka are the two giants that appear before Votan in the Ring of the Nibelung.

In the "G" litter we have CH Geistvoll Galena, CH Geistvoll Gallium, and CH Geistvoll Glitter. Where would you guess these names come from?

Minerals was the theme used. Jim holds a minor degree from the Colorado School of Mines in geology.

In 1992 the "S" litter was whelped. The theme was spices and some of the names were: Saffron, Sassafras, Spice of Life, and Sassaparilla.

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Int/Am CH Geistvoll Mountain Magic

Completed AKC Championship August 2019
Finished with two majors and Two Best of Breeds over Specials


 Int/Am CH Geistvoll Lasting Legacy

Completed AKC Championship September 2019
Finished with two majors and One Best of Breed over Specials

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see the story and photos from the
Sante Fe Trail
trip taken in October 2001

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